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The living conditions of the miners, the leper colony and the plight of the once mighty Incans, descendants of the Inca Civilization, all combined to create a change in him. Born in a comparatively affluent upper middle class family, these encounters were eye-opening experiences for the twenty-three year old Guevara. When they set off on the trip, they were two men taking a break from their studies, going in search of new experiences and adventures.

In the end, the journey became a learning experience, turning this road trip story into a coming-of-age tale too. The Motorcycle Diaries chronicles the metamorphosis of a carefree young man into a convinced Marxist resolved to fight for the poor, who dreamed of creating a Latin America without borders.

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Diary of a Combatant: The Diaries of Ernesto Che Guevara are some of his other books. He played important roles in the revolutions in Guatemala and in Cuba. Che Guevara is now an iconic figure for all those who believe in a leftist, communist ideal. Guevara was married twice and had five children.

He was executed in Bolivia in , at the age of Usually delivered in days? Only for plus members Get exciting benefits. Summary Of The Book Road trip books are always interesting. The experiences, sceneries and emotions have been described beautifully. One can see the character building up in a young Che Guevara and the environment around him that enables him to be a leader for the revolution.

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A brilliant book that can be read over again! Soroshi Chaudhuri Certified Buyer 28 Sep, The book will blow you away with the honest writing and extremely thrilling account. One note of caution, the book is not an easy read mainly bcoz we are not that well versed with South American places, culture and other local things. So, you'll have to keep goin to wikipedia to really understand and enjoy the book.

Otherwise, you might find the book a bore simply bcoz you will find it hard to understand. And one final thing, there is a very p Shyam Govind Certified Buyer 17 Sep, But the book, now in my hand amazes me, very good quality of print. Additionally the photos of the expedition is given in the mid-section of the book, which is quite fascinating.

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This book is lucid and filled with expressions and emotions. The description of the places and the people are vivid and each character has a distinct spotlight, which is optimum and refreshing.

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Santosh Roy Certified Buyer 15 Dec, This book gives an insight into the formative years of Che, Che has really written it very truthfully. Through this book we realize that every coin has two sides.

The book is refreshing but apart from that the reader doesn't get to learn many new things. So it's a one time read , not the one I would ask you to buy, better to borrow it from someone or visit a library for reading it. Andy Black Certified Buyer 24 Jul, Sameer Kumar Certified Buyer 8 Dec, Che's 'Motorcycle diaries' , a collection of notes he had written during his Journey through his country , clearly illustrates the coming of age of a man. The man who would later go on to lead a revolution in a foreign country was born through these pages, these experiences.

A must read if you want to know the story of the Argentinian medical student , 'Ernesto Guevara' turning into the Cuban revolutionary 'Che'! Sibinath Nathan Certified Buyer 17 Jun, The book tells you about a young Ernesto's travel and his first step in becoming Che Guevara. If you want a glimpse of South America of the 50's,this is the right book. Description of Bolivia is the best. Apratim Mukherjee Certified Buyer 15 Jul, This book contains a crisp imagery of Che's trip he took in his young age. Concepts of Physics 2 1st Vivek Anand Certified Buyer 12 Jan, Flipkart Customer Certified Buyer 7 Aug, Adhunik Bharat ka Ithihaas.

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