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For more than 20 years Denny has facilitated her clients' unique shifts in perspective and witnessed their healing, growth, and enriched life experiences. Ron has been in broadcasting for 50 years.

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His work in the "real world" was counter-balanced by his desire and enthusiasm for spiritual growth. When he wasn't on the air, he was fortunate enough to be exposed to a number of wonderful spiritual teachers.

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The information being shared in this book is a result of what he and Denny learned from them. This awakening takes them down the path of Self-discovery where science and spirituality Ron and Denny Reynolds share ten simple spiritual principles that have been meaningful in their lives for more than five decades.

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  4. This book shares insights from five decades of marriage and reveals the struggles, discoveries, and lessons learned in a life shared in trust and truth. Come walk with us into your own awakening as you recognize that the events of your life unfold perfectly for the growth of your soul. There is a blessing in every aspect of every relationship you'll ever have…especially the ones that trouble you the most.

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    Ron Reynolds, a radio newsman, and his wife Denny Reynolds, a California Marriage and Family Therapist, relate their experience after accidentally discovering this Voice Within. The information, which Ron channeled while in a light trance state, was tape- recorded and is shared for the first time in this remarkable chronicle. Her inquiring mind earned her a college scholarship in debate at College of the Pacific in Stockton, California, where she met and married Ron.

    For twenty years Denny was a housewife and mother, raising two sons.

    When they left the nest in the 's she pursued her dream of becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist. In the ensuing years she has passionately combined psychotherapy with Spiritual Consciousness, encouraging all who come to her to explore their deeper connection to Spirit.

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    Ron retired from radio broadcasting in after fifty years in radio and television. He now devotes his time to spiritual studies, writing, and teaching workshops that assist others in their own Self-Realization.

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    They have published three books and provide workshops, retreats, and individual spiritual coaching for couples. Learn tools to create the reality you prefer for more peace, joy and contentment. For couples wanting to enhance their relationship. Learn techniques to make your partner feel appreciated, heard and understood.